*For Pennsylvania NPs only

Franchise with Dr. Danish & Alpine Psychiatry

Jumpstart Your Own Insurance-Based Practice with Zero Upfront Costs!

The Franchise Option is only available to PMHNPs looking for collaboration in the state of Pennsylvania.

This includes the collaboration agreement along with many other benefits!

What We Offer:

No upfront fees!

We thrive on a revenue-sharing framework, customizing the percentage in alignment with the services you opt for. In exchange of a % of revenue (rates vary 10-14% depending on a few factors), benefits include:

  • Insurance company credentialing
  • Collaboration Agreement with Dr. Danish
  • Streamlined Billing Services

For a seamless operational experience, consider our optional add-ons at approximately a 16% revenue share, featuring:

Admin-Vetted Intakes

  • To keep out high risk patients and/or patients seeking high dose benzodiazepines.

Vacation Coverage

  • ensuring patient emergencies are attended to in a timely fashion.

Prior Authorizations

  • Our staff can take care of all of your PA needs!

Comprehensive Intake Summaries

  • Giving you a great overview of all the issues, backed by scales, a new patient is seeing you for.

Efficient Credit Card

  • Processing & Fee Collection

Marketing Edge

  • Harnessing SEO & Google AdWords to elevate your practice's visibility

Step into a realm where your practice propels forward with a robust support system, embodying a blend of essential and additional services tailored to your needs!




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